Natural Deodorant 2 in 1

For a fresh and odour free underarm & foot

  • 72 hour protection
  • Fragrance free
  • Non staining
  • Clinically and laboratory tested safe

STOPPODOUR is a natural deodorant that prevents bad odour of the underarm and feet. Provides 72 hour protection for men and women. STOPPODOUR works by preventing the accumulation of bacterial growth in the skin surface. Thanks to its active antibacterial ingredients of micro crystal minerals and super fine corn powder. Foot is protected against fungus, athlete’s foot and odour as well as having a fresh and odour free underarm all day long!

Application: Wash underarm and feet with soap and water. Leave a little moist on the skin then apply to underarms and feet. Ideal for everyday hygiene.

Ingredients: Potassium Alum and Zea Mays.

Warning: Avoid inhalation by nose and mouth. Avoid contact with eyes. If gets into eyes, wash with water. Keep out of childrens reach.

Netweight: 50 grams

About the STOPPODOUR® brand

Natural mineral crystal has long been used in the Philippines as a deodorant for more than a century and trusted by millions of people in the country up until this modern age. This mineral crystal is the active ingredient of STOPPODOUR®.

STOPPODOUR® has been recognized and clinically tested safe by The National Institute for Public Health in Prague, the Czech Republic in 2015, known as Státní Zdravotní Ústáv. This quality product can be used by people who have sensitive skin as it contains no harsh chemicals and non-perfumed. Not known to many, in every Philippine household, the crystal is always at hand for the whole family from generation to generation. Proven 100% effective and all natural makes this crystal an outstanding deodorant for more than a hundred years.

STOPPODOUR® is designed as a compact microcrystal powder in a compact packaging. You can bring it anywhere as it is small, lightweight and handy. The crystal itself doesn’t have any scent, which is why STOPPODOUR® is highly recommended for those who love wearing a perfume. Thanks to this Philippine mineral crystal, we have a complete protection against the formation of bacteria causing body odor in the underarms and feet, leaving a fresh, non-sticky feeling. We believe that nature crafted this mineral crystal to give us a solution for the benefit of providing comfort and confidence of all individuals.

You can become a STOPPODOUR distributor!

Business strategy

Our business team is building a network of active distributors operating in particular in the following areas for wholesale and retail.

  • Internet shops in the Pharmacy
  • E-shops in the shoe garments and accessories
  • Commercial Drugstores
  • Cosmetics and beauty
  • Bio and Natural products
  • Fitness gym

    We provide limited free samples for your customers and we offer favorable prices.  If you are interested in business cooperation, please contact our sales team on Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. and we will contact you immediately. You can also fill up the form below.

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